Monday, May 4, 2009

50th Annual James Mosher Little League Parade (Part 1)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! For the holiday, I thought that I would leave you all with video of some festivities going on in the Baltimore community. The video features my niece, Mayor Sheila Dixon and Commissioner Bealefeld (who I would have recognized better if I spent more time watching the news rather than blogging :). Both show love to the crowd that has come together to support our youth.

Disclaimer: Please excuse my loud cheering (mark 3:37) as I show love for the little league myself!

The James Mosher Little League Opening Day Parade is celebrated every year in honor of James Mosher Elementary School's baseball season. According to their website:

"Founded in 1960 by the James Mosher Associates, a 501(c)(3) organization, James Mosher Baseball is believed to be the oldest continuously operating African-American youth baseball league in the country."
The organization serves boys and girls ages 4 through 15 throughout Baltimore and has an active roster of over 45 adult volunteers who dedicate their time to making sure that the league serves it's purpose to the community. The overwhelming crowd that accompanied the parade shows the level of commitment that the community has to the youth, schools, and the arts.

Check out Mayor Dixon's passionate speech to the community and how she addresses James Mosher's Opening Day on

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