Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's The 411? Snoop Doggy Dogg Live

Who else would be in the hizzle at the Merriwizzle Post Pavizzle other than the Snoopy D-o-double Gizzle himsizle? Fa shizzle!

Okay so I'll leave the rapping to Snoop Dog. You can hear him live at the Merriweather Post Pavilion for the Blazed and Confused Tour in Columbia, MD at 6 p.m. today, August 5, 2009. Be sure to visit the website to purchase your tickets (that is if they are still available!).

Those who do not partake in herbal influence are advised to bring oxygen masks. From what I hear about Snoop's previous concerts, Mary Jane has VIP entrance into the party and will be present!

The funky fresh band Slightly Stoopid will be headlining the show as well. What a perfect combination! I definitley get the humor in the show's title: Blazed and Confused. Yes, I know I am late on that one.

I would have sought a video interview with the West Coast G Snoop Dogg, but I've heard that he only does email interviews. In his interview with Midnight Sun and Baltimore Metromix contributor Mark Gross he stated:
Because generally reporters ask tha same questions, manage to piss me off with a smartass remark and I'm in tha studio wrappin up "Malice In Wonderland" when I'm not on tour.

I'd prefer not to have a cap busted in my ass so I'll stick to being a secondary source, thank you.

Check out the full interview here.

Photo Credit: Jeff Farsai,

Artscape Visual Coordinator Gary Kachadourian Resigns

Goodbye and good luck Kachadourian, Mr. Artscape himself.

Gary Kachadourian, 52, has managed visual installations at Artscape for 22 years. According to the Baltimore Sun, Kachadourian is now stepping down from his position at the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts in order to pursue some of his own creative endeavours. Those include enrolling in the masters degree program at UMBC, studying digital imaging, teaching, and devoting time to his own artwork.

Art lovers in Baltimore have Kachadourian to thank for the huge success that is Artscape. The aura that fills Mount Royal and Charles streets in mid-July is one that no museum can replace. Thousands of people gather to view Baltimore's most passionate artists showcase their talents. From custom made jewelry and contemporary art exhibits, to modern dance in the Lyric, to spoken word artists slamming under a tent, there is always something at Artscape that would make the event impossible to miss.

Google Image

Bill Gilmore, executive director of the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts, said
Gary has been a terriffic asset...He's helped to raise the profile of Baltimore as a serious place for artists to live and work.
One of Kachadourian's greatest achievements was the establishment of the Walter and Janet Sondheim Award, which rewards $25,000 to the top regional artist selected by a national jury.

According to the Sun, The Sondheim Award has generated interest in Artscape nationally, attracts more than 300 entrants, and results in two annual shows each summer: an exhibit of the finalists at the Baltimore Museum of Art and a show of the semifinalists at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Man, I would LOVE to enter that competition with an award like that!

Special thanks to Kachadourian for all his hard work and best wishes to him and his family in the future.

Check out the full Baltimore Sun article to get details on Kacadourian's two upcoming art projects.

What will be the future of artscape now? We can only hope it retains some of its popularity and awesomeness with whoever walks in Kachadourian's footsteps!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Living the Suite Life!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? Well maybe not my readers' hearts since I've been absent for so long. But my heart has definitely grown fonder for writing and blogging. After I graduated in May I decided to focus on enjoying my summer- but I have seen and heard some things around the Baltimore that have compelled me to return here.

So word on the Street is that the new hotness is Suite 18. Suite 18 is located on 1818 Maryland Avenue and used to be the Gordon's lounge. According to their Facebook group page, this spot is "bringing nightlife back to Baltimore" and is "strictly for the mature crowd" (those under 21 need not apply).

Remember E the Poet Emcee, host of The Art of Conversation? Well he is back on the hosting scene every Thursday with the new spoken word sensation "Urban Hang". If you have never seen E host at the Yabba Pot on Saturdays, then I can guarantee you will be in for a night of laughter, good conversation, and slammin spoken word artists.

But don't think this spot is limited to just poetry! If you are looking for a new hangout with unlimited drink specials, live music, or just somewhere to do your two step, Suite 18 is the place to be! Check out their website for more information.

Sidebar: I am looking to hear feedback about what you want more of from this blog, what you want less of, and what can be improved. What do you want this blog to deliver to you. I am your reporter for the Baltimore arts and culture scene (I can cover other things too, just let me know!) I welcome constructive criticism. Let me know what you all think!