Wednesday, March 25, 2009

YoTrakz Preview

While I was taking a jog around Druid Hill Park on a cold but sunny morning, I stumbled upon a group of guys rapping to a beat. After realizing that I was trying to kill myself by running around that huge park, I decided to stop and interview them.

YoTrakz is a mobile recording studio (literally, the audio equipment is on a Jeep) that captures live hip hop artists from the streets of Baltimore. And these talented men happened to be laying tracks outside in my neighborhood on what I felt to be a VERY cold morning. Talk about commitment! Check out this clip of Hip Hop artist Hot Spitta giving us an introduction on what YoTrakz is about. Or you could check out their blog to learn more and to hear more hot music.

Drugs in the Streets, Final Part of Day's Interview

In the final part of this interview, Day discusses how drugs have effected the Lafayette communicate, and what the secret is to drug trafficking in the streets.

The Future of Lafayette , Part 2 of Day's Interview

Here Day discusses some of the best features of the Lafayette neighborhood such as James Mosher Elementary School. He also tells us what changes we can expect to see in the area as time progresses.

Lafayette's Godfather , Part 1

I live on the Westside of Baltimore City-closer to the Catonsville or Edmondson Village community for those of you who may not know. On any day of the week you can find community leaders like Ronald Day walking around. Day, 62, has been around since I first moved into the Lafayette neighborhood (that was 13 years ago). He's never hesitant to take a stroll with you down Bentalou Street or hold a conversation outside of the drug store on Edmondson Avenue.

As a veteran of this Baltimore area, he has seen it all and heard it all.
Check out part one of my interview with him.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something Sweet

Luke Durant is Super Man to me. But to you he may be Santa Claus. If you've ever visited Mondawmin Mall around Christmas time, you most likely have seen this man in a red suit in the middle of the mall taking pictures with kids in front of a larger than life Christmas tree. But don't expect to find him at the North Pole on the other days of the year.

Although Mowdawmin has been renovated, there is one thing that still remains the same inside and hasn't changed for 38 years: the candy and nuts store "Somethin Good" and it's main store attendant Durant. Check out my interview with him below. Due to his deep voice, you may have to use ear phones to make out what he says. But trust me, you don't want to miss it.

The New Mondawmin Mall

I have been going to Mondawmin Mall since I was a kid. Living in the West Baltimore area makes this place one of the hot spots to go to. Although it's not the fanciest of malls, it has a couple of restaurants and enough urban retail stores to entertain the crowd young adults that populate its halls on the weekdays. The mall recently received renovations to give it a new (and way more attractive) look, which I believe has to do with attracting a more diverse group of customers than the ones stated before. Check out their website to see an inside view of the new Mondawmin.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Here is a view of today's snow storm from outside my door:

I would have taken more photos, but I was too busy snuggling with my warm pajamas inside the house:

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland accumulated 2.5 inches of snowfall today. The local news has a way of labeling any bit of snow that Baltimore has as a "storm"; thus sending people into a frenzy. Residents begin to pour salt all over their front steps and run to their local supermarket to grab extra food for survival.

Well, after hearing about the delays and accidents that occurred, I would say that this proved to be the closest to a storm that we have encountered for the 2008-2009 winter season. Many schools were closed leaving plenty of students like myself with a rest day at home. But if any of my professors are reading this, I studied, of course.

According to the Baltimore Sun, flights at BWI were canceled, nearly 23,000 Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) customers lost power, and Mayor Sheila Dixon estimated that the city spent more than $300,000 in response to the storm.

Seven accidents were reported along Interstate 97 due to cars sliding off the road; and a collision between a dump truck and a car happened along the Baltimore Beltway at 6 a.m, also causing delays.

Check out more about today's snow madness here.