Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What's The 411? Snoop Doggy Dogg Live

Who else would be in the hizzle at the Merriwizzle Post Pavizzle other than the Snoopy D-o-double Gizzle himsizle? Fa shizzle!

Okay so I'll leave the rapping to Snoop Dog. You can hear him live at the Merriweather Post Pavilion for the Blazed and Confused Tour in Columbia, MD at 6 p.m. today, August 5, 2009. Be sure to visit the website to purchase your tickets (that is if they are still available!).

Those who do not partake in herbal influence are advised to bring oxygen masks. From what I hear about Snoop's previous concerts, Mary Jane has VIP entrance into the party and will be present!

The funky fresh band Slightly Stoopid will be headlining the show as well. What a perfect combination! I definitley get the humor in the show's title: Blazed and Confused. Yes, I know I am late on that one.

I would have sought a video interview with the West Coast G Snoop Dogg, but I've heard that he only does email interviews. In his interview with Midnight Sun and Baltimore Metromix contributor Mark Gross he stated:
Because generally reporters ask tha same questions, manage to piss me off with a smartass remark and I'm in tha studio wrappin up "Malice In Wonderland" when I'm not on tour.

I'd prefer not to have a cap busted in my ass so I'll stick to being a secondary source, thank you.

Check out the full interview here.

Photo Credit: Jeff Farsai,

Artscape Visual Coordinator Gary Kachadourian Resigns

Goodbye and good luck Kachadourian, Mr. Artscape himself.

Gary Kachadourian, 52, has managed visual installations at Artscape for 22 years. According to the Baltimore Sun, Kachadourian is now stepping down from his position at the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts in order to pursue some of his own creative endeavours. Those include enrolling in the masters degree program at UMBC, studying digital imaging, teaching, and devoting time to his own artwork.

Art lovers in Baltimore have Kachadourian to thank for the huge success that is Artscape. The aura that fills Mount Royal and Charles streets in mid-July is one that no museum can replace. Thousands of people gather to view Baltimore's most passionate artists showcase their talents. From custom made jewelry and contemporary art exhibits, to modern dance in the Lyric, to spoken word artists slamming under a tent, there is always something at Artscape that would make the event impossible to miss.

Google Image

Bill Gilmore, executive director of the Baltimore Office of Promotion and Arts, said
Gary has been a terriffic asset...He's helped to raise the profile of Baltimore as a serious place for artists to live and work.
One of Kachadourian's greatest achievements was the establishment of the Walter and Janet Sondheim Award, which rewards $25,000 to the top regional artist selected by a national jury.

According to the Sun, The Sondheim Award has generated interest in Artscape nationally, attracts more than 300 entrants, and results in two annual shows each summer: an exhibit of the finalists at the Baltimore Museum of Art and a show of the semifinalists at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Man, I would LOVE to enter that competition with an award like that!

Special thanks to Kachadourian for all his hard work and best wishes to him and his family in the future.

Check out the full Baltimore Sun article to get details on Kacadourian's two upcoming art projects.

What will be the future of artscape now? We can only hope it retains some of its popularity and awesomeness with whoever walks in Kachadourian's footsteps!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Living the Suite Life!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder right? Well maybe not my readers' hearts since I've been absent for so long. But my heart has definitely grown fonder for writing and blogging. After I graduated in May I decided to focus on enjoying my summer- but I have seen and heard some things around the Baltimore that have compelled me to return here.

So word on the Street is that the new hotness is Suite 18. Suite 18 is located on 1818 Maryland Avenue and used to be the Gordon's lounge. According to their Facebook group page, this spot is "bringing nightlife back to Baltimore" and is "strictly for the mature crowd" (those under 21 need not apply).

Remember E the Poet Emcee, host of The Art of Conversation? Well he is back on the hosting scene every Thursday with the new spoken word sensation "Urban Hang". If you have never seen E host at the Yabba Pot on Saturdays, then I can guarantee you will be in for a night of laughter, good conversation, and slammin spoken word artists.

But don't think this spot is limited to just poetry! If you are looking for a new hangout with unlimited drink specials, live music, or just somewhere to do your two step, Suite 18 is the place to be! Check out their website for more information.

Sidebar: I am looking to hear feedback about what you want more of from this blog, what you want less of, and what can be improved. What do you want this blog to deliver to you. I am your reporter for the Baltimore arts and culture scene (I can cover other things too, just let me know!) I welcome constructive criticism. Let me know what you all think!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Art of Conversation, Unknown Artist

Here is some poetry from an unknown artist at the Art of Conversation:

Art of Conversation, Guest Guitarist

The Art of Conversation is a poetry event that occurs at The Yabba Pot on Saturday nights at 8 p.m. Hosted by E the Poet Emcee, the event begins with an open mic followed by a featured artist for the evening, and ends with an open mic (open mic includes music, poetry, dance, and other art forms). The Yabba Pot serves hot, fresh vegan food to tickle your taste buds, and the artists that attend this event serve up some inspirational and sometimes controversial poetry that is open for discussion and debate.

Check out a clip from one of the musicians that attended the night I decided to drop in:

North Avenue Art

It reads: However Far The Stream Flows It Never Forgets Its Source.


Many art exhibitions are held at MICA and you can also find a lot of really cool art around the building. According to the website:

MICA has become the leader in the education of artists and designers by fostering a community of talented, creative individuals committed to redefining the boundaries of art and design and to expanding their own vision and perspective through rigorous study.
Here's a view of the Howard Street Bridge from behind the school:

Found this brilliant phrase spray painted in the wall separating the school from the rail road:

And I found this guy chilling in the back of the school as well:

What's he doing there?

Monroe and Fayette: Art of Harmony Series, Part 1

Oh the beautiful art that we find on the sides of convenience stores and houses:

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Public Art: Ramsay and Monroe Streets

Art Beyond Baltimore

Agnes Welch at James Mosher Little League Parade, Part 2

Here is more of the parade! In the first clip, Baltimore City Councilwoman Agnes Welch greets the community in a cute black convertible.

In this last clip you can see the rest of the wonderful marching bands that grace the city with it's talent during the parades.

Monday, May 4, 2009

50th Annual James Mosher Little League Parade (Part 1)

Happy Cinco de Mayo! For the holiday, I thought that I would leave you all with video of some festivities going on in the Baltimore community. The video features my niece, Mayor Sheila Dixon and Commissioner Bealefeld (who I would have recognized better if I spent more time watching the news rather than blogging :). Both show love to the crowd that has come together to support our youth.

Disclaimer: Please excuse my loud cheering (mark 3:37) as I show love for the little league myself!

The James Mosher Little League Opening Day Parade is celebrated every year in honor of James Mosher Elementary School's baseball season. According to their website:

"Founded in 1960 by the James Mosher Associates, a 501(c)(3) organization, James Mosher Baseball is believed to be the oldest continuously operating African-American youth baseball league in the country."
The organization serves boys and girls ages 4 through 15 throughout Baltimore and has an active roster of over 45 adult volunteers who dedicate their time to making sure that the league serves it's purpose to the community. The overwhelming crowd that accompanied the parade shows the level of commitment that the community has to the youth, schools, and the arts.

Check out Mayor Dixon's passionate speech to the community and how she addresses James Mosher's Opening Day on

Super Soaker Whip Wash: Part 2

Here is part two of my interview- including more of my conversation with Ty and another employee of two months, Black. The conversation reminded me of the types that occur in barbershops. These guys talked about everything from Michael Jackson to the movie Green Mile. Ty and Black also give us some information about upcoming construction to be done at the property.

SIDEBAR: The railroad featured in the video is just one of many that Baltimore is known for. The Western Maryland main line isn't as historically known as the B&O railroad, but it contributed significantly the transportation of coal and freight early in the 20th century. The WM line also operated with a schedule that included 19 routes in and out of Baltimore, which made it made its passenger trains a preference amongst commuters.

Super Soaker Whip Wash: Scrubin', Washin', and Talkin'!

I get a great laugh out of reading the tall "Super Soaker Whip Wash" sign on Fulton Avenue when I pass it. So I knew that I had to stroll in and get my whip washed to see if there were more laughs awaiting me on this large, vacant-looking lot.

I wasn't disappointed. I began talking to Ty, 22, who has been an employee there for about a month now. I never thought of this location as a functioning business because of how deserted it looked, but I was pleased with the reasonable prices and polite employees that I met upon my arrival. However, in the following interview I learned that the sign I'd become so amused by did not represent the business after all!

When Ty suggests for visitors to check out the car wash when they come to Baltimore (at the :57 mark), he calls the business "Peachtree". I personally like the name Whip Wash better, but with these great prices, they can call this business Pimp My Ride for all I care!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blogging for Spoken Word: iWrite

My good friend and colleague iWrite is a spoken word artist and blogger like myself. DC/Baltimore's spoken word and underground poetry scene is beginning to surface, and she's giving you the information you want to know about it.

Her blog diVERSEcity gives you the scoop on what's going on in mainstream poetry today, including clips from the new hot HBO series "Brave New Voices", interviews with up and coming artists such as Under_Score and the Twitter Poet, and she even includes some pieces of her own work.

Her second most recent post explores the misconception of the female image and glorifies the beauty in woman with a bigger waistline and more bodacious booty. If you love Georgia Me (Def Poetry Jam) like I do, you'll love you some iWrite.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amanda Fair: 5 questions on PXDC

Miss Amanda Fair not only dances, she performs spoken word. To me she is the epitome of a Renaissance Woman. If she isn't lighting up a microphone at you local poetry venue, you can find her practicing with Poetic Xpressions Dance Company at the Experimental Concepts Dance Studio on Falls Road. You can find my interview with her below.

What is PXDC? When was it founded?
PXDC stands for Poetic Xpressions Dance Company. The company was founded in 2008.

What inspired you to create PXDC?
I've been dancing and writing poetry since i was seven years old and i've always had to choose between the two. Both art forms require a lot of work and attention and were always extremely hard to balance. I got tired with choosing between the two and then one day it hit me, a way that i could could combine both of them. I dance Monday though Sunday from 9am-9pm non stop. My "breaks" are spent driving from one location to another while trying to have lunch in my car. So it's easy to say that I'm hooked and I absolutely love my job.I barely make it out to perform in poetry shows or at open mics anymore lately but i am still writing. So it's still a bit of a struggle.I wanted to see both worlds combine. And that's another reason why i started the company. Very rarely do we as artists go out and really check out and get into the other art forms that exist. We usually stay in our tight little circles. You know what I mean, the dancers go to the dance shows, poets check our the poetry slams and events, actors check out the plays etc. It's just nice to see all different kinds of artists come together or come out and support.

How does poetry and dance connect in PXDC?
Basically I become interested first in a poet's work, I invite some of them to come and rehearse with the company, and the end result is pure art unfolding right before your eyes. The audience really gets to witness something special and real take place, the dancers get to work with some of Baltimore's best spoken word artists, and the poet's get to see their work take on a second life through dance. It's such an awesome feeling for the poet's to witness that
as well. As poet's we paint the pictures with our words, but to actually see the piece form physically is nice as well. Not all of our dances include poetry by the way.

What has been the best experience that you have had while working with PXDC?
Just being able to give this opportunity to artists in this area.(the dancers) I feel really good about that each day.

What type of impact do you want PXDC to have on the community?
Well I definitely want it to be there to be some sort of an Awakening. (small plug for our June shows- PXDC:The Awakening, June 27th and 28th) You learn how to just slide those shame-less plugs right on in there. But really i do want us to wake up a bit and take a look around and explore certain issues or subjects that may be a bit hard to face. We do have some very light and fun technical pieces in our rep. but i really do want to touch on the hard stuff as well. The Wakening when speaking of our June Concerts just simply means our beginning as a company for our first full length show. But that other awakening that i am speaking of can mean a lot of other things.Audience members will be able to see what I mean when they come check us out. I also want PXDC to bring out even more of an audience for dance in the state of Maryland and beyond.I want people to be both entertained and inspired as we continue to share the gift of poetry and dance. I want us to just dance for the love of dance and I also want us to touch on some very heavy and important topics that need to brought to the attention of the community in an "in your face" sort of way, so that we can at least start the necessary dicussions.

What plans do you have for the future of PXDC?
Wow, I have so many things planned for the company i couldn't even begin to know where to start. .You don't want me to get into that too much because I'm full of ideas and I'll keep going like the Energizer Bunny. I'll just say that we are going to do some amazing and exciting things, work with some great poet's, spoken word artists, and other guest choreographers and continue to create our own shows and perform at as many venues and for as many people as we can. We will have a second company in the future as well as go back to offering open community dance classes. Let's just say we have our hands full with plenty so definitely stay tuned. We won't disappoint! Thanks Janae.

To find out about PXDC's upcoming events AND to read the full length interview, please visit the website.

Baltimore City's Yo Trakz Part 2

Here is more footage of my experience with YoTrakz. This first clip includes an interview with another hot artist named Teck and more commentary from Hot Spitta on what mobile recording is all about.

This clip introduces Derin who stumbled upon the scene while recording was in process. I was very impressed with the level of involvement YoTrakz has with community such as this one-allowing him to take a chance at the mic even if it's with poetry written on paper. Former gang member Derin now writes as inspiration for Baltimore's troubled society. Here he reads his poem "Niggaz on a Mission".

In this last clip I got a chance to speak with L.J., the master mind behind the technological aspect of the company (also a Towson graduate) . L.J. expresses why he thinks there is a need for a "YoTrakz" and what he plans to do with the company. He also manages the Yo Trakz blog in order to keep fans up to date on new events with the group. So if you didn't get enough of the hip hop vibe from my video, you will find way more interesting content on his site.

The DVD that Hot Spitta previews at the end is the Mobin 2008 DVD which is free for download on the blog site. YoTrakz also produces DVD's showing live "mobin" and freestyling sessions from all over Baltimore. The DVD features artists such as Hot Spitta and Park Height's own Shaka Pitts. If you're a hip hop lover, make sure you get a copy...I did!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baltimore Up for Debate

Do you think that Baltimore is the Greatest City in America? What makes it great? What makes this line fake?

Photo credit for all photos: Janae Griffin

I'd like to hear from you. In the meantime, here are some pictures that I took around Druid Hill Park and Fulton Avenue. I think these may help illustrate the point here.

Baltimore Public Art: Archie Veale

Photo Credit for all photos: Janae Griffin

I drive pass this image everyday but have never stopped for a minute to take it in. Unfortunately, I think that I am one in thousands of Baltimorians who do the same thing.

On 400 Pulaski Street at Route 40 (or Franklin Street) there is a block long mural of a giant African American male planting trees barefoot. The image of the male is centered. The beginning of the mural is beautifully covered in bright colors emphasizing day time/summer. However, night time/winter begins just over the male's back with a deep royal blue and white stars lingering over bare trees painted towards the end.

"Untitled", was created by Archie Veale in 1994 for the Pulaski Street Project and the Baltimore Mural Project. According to Veale's website,

"The mural... marks the end of the construction of the Route 40 expressway. Construction was halted during that time due to financial problems and protests from several community organizations. The expressway would have cut right through Leakin park. The image is meant to recognize the need for community growth and individual effort."

In his artistic statement, Veale explains that his art is "...a narrative exploring the themes of self-examination, personal knowledge, choice, destiny, and escape."

You can visit the Baltimore Mural Project's website to check out several other amazing murals that Baltimore city has been blessed with.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

YoTrakz Preview

While I was taking a jog around Druid Hill Park on a cold but sunny morning, I stumbled upon a group of guys rapping to a beat. After realizing that I was trying to kill myself by running around that huge park, I decided to stop and interview them.

YoTrakz is a mobile recording studio (literally, the audio equipment is on a Jeep) that captures live hip hop artists from the streets of Baltimore. And these talented men happened to be laying tracks outside in my neighborhood on what I felt to be a VERY cold morning. Talk about commitment! Check out this clip of Hip Hop artist Hot Spitta giving us an introduction on what YoTrakz is about. Or you could check out their blog to learn more and to hear more hot music.

Drugs in the Streets, Final Part of Day's Interview

In the final part of this interview, Day discusses how drugs have effected the Lafayette communicate, and what the secret is to drug trafficking in the streets.

The Future of Lafayette , Part 2 of Day's Interview

Here Day discusses some of the best features of the Lafayette neighborhood such as James Mosher Elementary School. He also tells us what changes we can expect to see in the area as time progresses.

Lafayette's Godfather , Part 1

I live on the Westside of Baltimore City-closer to the Catonsville or Edmondson Village community for those of you who may not know. On any day of the week you can find community leaders like Ronald Day walking around. Day, 62, has been around since I first moved into the Lafayette neighborhood (that was 13 years ago). He's never hesitant to take a stroll with you down Bentalou Street or hold a conversation outside of the drug store on Edmondson Avenue.

As a veteran of this Baltimore area, he has seen it all and heard it all.
Check out part one of my interview with him.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Something Sweet

Luke Durant is Super Man to me. But to you he may be Santa Claus. If you've ever visited Mondawmin Mall around Christmas time, you most likely have seen this man in a red suit in the middle of the mall taking pictures with kids in front of a larger than life Christmas tree. But don't expect to find him at the North Pole on the other days of the year.

Although Mowdawmin has been renovated, there is one thing that still remains the same inside and hasn't changed for 38 years: the candy and nuts store "Somethin Good" and it's main store attendant Durant. Check out my interview with him below. Due to his deep voice, you may have to use ear phones to make out what he says. But trust me, you don't want to miss it.

The New Mondawmin Mall

I have been going to Mondawmin Mall since I was a kid. Living in the West Baltimore area makes this place one of the hot spots to go to. Although it's not the fanciest of malls, it has a couple of restaurants and enough urban retail stores to entertain the crowd young adults that populate its halls on the weekdays. The mall recently received renovations to give it a new (and way more attractive) look, which I believe has to do with attracting a more diverse group of customers than the ones stated before. Check out their website to see an inside view of the new Mondawmin.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Here is a view of today's snow storm from outside my door:

I would have taken more photos, but I was too busy snuggling with my warm pajamas inside the house:

According to the Baltimore Sun, Maryland accumulated 2.5 inches of snowfall today. The local news has a way of labeling any bit of snow that Baltimore has as a "storm"; thus sending people into a frenzy. Residents begin to pour salt all over their front steps and run to their local supermarket to grab extra food for survival.

Well, after hearing about the delays and accidents that occurred, I would say that this proved to be the closest to a storm that we have encountered for the 2008-2009 winter season. Many schools were closed leaving plenty of students like myself with a rest day at home. But if any of my professors are reading this, I studied, of course.

According to the Baltimore Sun, flights at BWI were canceled, nearly 23,000 Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) customers lost power, and Mayor Sheila Dixon estimated that the city spent more than $300,000 in response to the storm.

Seven accidents were reported along Interstate 97 due to cars sliding off the road; and a collision between a dump truck and a car happened along the Baltimore Beltway at 6 a.m, also causing delays.

Check out more about today's snow madness here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Around the Way

Driving up Fulton Avenue where there's a liquor store on every corner.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


I called the police at 9:49 p.m. to a report a theft.

I told them the thief was still in the house (which he was).

They didn't show up until 11 p.m.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I love that Baltimore never has a dull moment.

I was waiting in the long line that had already developed outside the MVA near Mondawmin Mall at 8 a.m. in the morning. Some drunk guy stumbled up the steps ahead of the line, and of course everybody started cussing him out.

Once I got inside and gave my license to the Information Clerk for renewal, he looked at the old one and said,

"Wow this wasn't one of your best hair days on here was it?"

I took my number from him and rolled my eyes. Then I proceeded to sit down in the waiting area.

...where I checked myself in the mirror multiple times until they called me to the counter for a new photo.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Really Though?

My number was 359. The Circuit Court called jurors 001-750. I was hoping the Water Main Break on Calvert St. would've shut down some action in the courtroom today. But of course not.

I was standing on St.Paul in front of the Clarence M Mitchell Jr. Courthouse at 8:15 a.m. My sister had dropped me off because I would be damned if I was catching the crazy MTA after driving for almost 3 years. I brought all of my text books with me like a dummy, thinking that I would get some homework done at least.

Upon entry I managed to set off the metal detector alarm approximately five times.

When I went into the jury assembly room for orientation I sat next to the one person with the "gift of gab". No matter how much I stared at my text book, the conversation never ceased. Then entered the token angry man who is never pleased that he was summoned to jury duty.

"Man look at all these people in here man it's too early in the got damn morning for this shit!" he said.

I was finally relieved when I received my 15 bucks.

Since my number was so low of course I was amongst the second batch of jurors to be selected for a case. About 80 of us scrambled into a court room that made us sit too close for comfort. We were assisted by court room clerks who made us count off to assure that everyone was present (which made me realize that a lot of people in Baltimore can't count, including myself).

The judge began to ask questions to see who qualified for striking, and I realized there is always one individual who must stand up for everything. This person has been a victim of a crime, is bias toward the nature of the case, has a financial, physical, AND mental hardship, and works for the attorney serving the defendant. Really though?

Well I only had one hardship...I'm a full time student.

"Writing For New Media can be missed for this 3-day trial, in fact you can blog about this as an experience." said the judge.

Not a bad idea actually.

Once I convinced the judge that I couldn't be imprisoned for the next 3 days, I realized I had missed 30 minutes of lunch. I quickly walked to the Subway down the street only to be greeted with a long line of hungry jurors on the hunt for a munch just as I was.

After finally receiving and eating my overly toasted sandwich, extra salty chips, and air dry cookies, I returned to the Courthouse only to be harassed by the security officer.

"What is all this stuff that you have in this bag?" he said with a grunt as he searched my purse.
"Our ancestors back in the slavery era paid the price so we didn't have to carry all of these things..." then he turned to the woman who had just been checked and decided to include her in the conversation. "If people were smart they would know that." he said with a laugh.

"Are you calling me stupid?" I asked.

"No young lady, that is NOT what I said" he explained with an irritated tone. Then he proceeded to repeat himself but I cut that short and walked away with my things.

After returning to the assembly room at 1:45 p.m., I finally gave up on any hopes of getting homework done and took a nap. I was awakened by the sound of chains clanking in the hallway. I looked up to see hand cuffed men being guided by police officers, staring me straight in the eyes. I immediately put my head back down and prayed to be called for another case in a courtroom far away from wherever those men were going.

After two long hours and never being called for another case, one of the clerks finally announced in a monotone that we were dismissed.

Next time the City of Baltimore wants me to show my face Downtown, they better be offering 20 bucks...

Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 Shootings Raise Death Toll to 26...Thats Almost A Life A Day...

Look at this: Baltimore Homicides Map


According to the Baltimore Sun, 3 shootings found yesterday in separate locations in the city raised the death toll to 26 since the start of 2009.

The names of these people are being withheld and the police have yet to make any arrests. (figures)

The first shooting occurred on Washington Street in the Broadway East neighborhood where a 22-year-old man was shot in the head at 3 a.m. in the morning. He was taken to Johns Hopkins where he died not long after.

The second was on the 4500 black of Franklintown Road. The police noticed the door of a stone front building with two separate bathrooms cracked open and a man's feet hanging out. Police say the man had been shot in the back and was pronounced dead on the scene.

The third shooting happened around 4 p.m. on the 1600 block of Gorsuch Road. where a man was shot in the head. He died soon after.

My brother was shot three times in the chest last year around this time, when is the madness gonna end?

Check out the story.

Introducing Michael Phelps....AGAIN

Photo Credit: The Baltimore Sun/AP Photo taken Feb 4, 2009

Are you as tired of hearing about this dude as I am?

According to today's Baltimore Sun report Michael Phelps had his first interview yesterday with The Sun since that picture of him conversing with Mary Jane surfaced. According to Phelps, he "clearly made a mistake" and this past week has been both embarrassing and uncomfortable for him.

Hence this nice little photo that the Sun snapped of him.

First of all, for anyone who has been to Baltimore and its surrounding areas, or for anyone who hasn't, please know that this place is the new Amsterdam. People are smoking refa all day, everyday...GET OVER IT! (yes, the black kids on Poplar Grove and the white kids in Rodgers Forge are probably doing it together).

So, from what I read, this YOUNG, IMMATURE man is now considering retiring because of this "crisis"? Give me a break!

According to the Sun, Phelps said, "Yeah, there are still goals that I have in the pool, 100 percent. But I'm not going to let anything stand in my way. If I decide to walk away, I'll decide to walk away on my own terms. If it's now, if it's four years, who knows. But it is something I need to think about and decide what I want to do."

Look Phelps, if you ever want to have some fun, (you know maybe have a drink with out getting another DUI like you did in 2004) give me a call! I won't share any photos!

Baltimore...No Sugar No Sweet

Finally...I am here. My name is Janae Griffin and I am a Towson University student, born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland. I found a lot of perspectives on Baltimore interesting when I first arrived on Towson's, for example:

"Baltimore?...You mean Bamma-more?"
" you watch the Wire? Is Baltimore like that?"
"Baltimore is dirty!"
"I love the Inner Harbor! Have you been?"

While most of these things were true, a lot of them were hurtful. I mean my city isn't all that but it does have some uh...CHARACTER to it! I know you may hear about the crime and controversy of Charm City on blogs such as Baltimore Crime or you may get all the latest up to date news on blogs such as InsideCharmCity, but I am here to show you around the city MY WAY.

The purpose of this blog is simply to reveal the REAL Baltimore. I am going to comment on some of the current events in the city, true, but my main goal is to post live photos daily of the things I see around here and some of the events you all may be missing out on. Some of it will be artsy, and some of it will just be real. So if you catch a photo of a couple of dudes hanging on the corner doing nothing, well, THATS BALTIMORE!

This is your Insider Baltimore blog-STRAIGHT.