Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Baltimore City's Yo Trakz Part 2

Here is more footage of my experience with YoTrakz. This first clip includes an interview with another hot artist named Teck and more commentary from Hot Spitta on what mobile recording is all about.

This clip introduces Derin who stumbled upon the scene while recording was in process. I was very impressed with the level of involvement YoTrakz has with community such as this one-allowing him to take a chance at the mic even if it's with poetry written on paper. Former gang member Derin now writes as inspiration for Baltimore's troubled society. Here he reads his poem "Niggaz on a Mission".

In this last clip I got a chance to speak with L.J., the master mind behind the technological aspect of the company (also a Towson graduate) . L.J. expresses why he thinks there is a need for a "YoTrakz" and what he plans to do with the company. He also manages the Yo Trakz blog in order to keep fans up to date on new events with the group. So if you didn't get enough of the hip hop vibe from my video, you will find way more interesting content on his site.

The DVD that Hot Spitta previews at the end is the Mobin 2008 DVD which is free for download on the blog site. YoTrakz also produces DVD's showing live "mobin" and freestyling sessions from all over Baltimore. The DVD features artists such as Hot Spitta and Park Height's own Shaka Pitts. If you're a hip hop lover, make sure you get a copy...I did!

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