Sunday, April 26, 2009

Baltimore Public Art: Archie Veale

Photo Credit for all photos: Janae Griffin

I drive pass this image everyday but have never stopped for a minute to take it in. Unfortunately, I think that I am one in thousands of Baltimorians who do the same thing.

On 400 Pulaski Street at Route 40 (or Franklin Street) there is a block long mural of a giant African American male planting trees barefoot. The image of the male is centered. The beginning of the mural is beautifully covered in bright colors emphasizing day time/summer. However, night time/winter begins just over the male's back with a deep royal blue and white stars lingering over bare trees painted towards the end.

"Untitled", was created by Archie Veale in 1994 for the Pulaski Street Project and the Baltimore Mural Project. According to Veale's website,

"The mural... marks the end of the construction of the Route 40 expressway. Construction was halted during that time due to financial problems and protests from several community organizations. The expressway would have cut right through Leakin park. The image is meant to recognize the need for community growth and individual effort."

In his artistic statement, Veale explains that his art is "...a narrative exploring the themes of self-examination, personal knowledge, choice, destiny, and escape."

You can visit the Baltimore Mural Project's website to check out several other amazing murals that Baltimore city has been blessed with.

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