Wednesday, March 25, 2009

YoTrakz Preview

While I was taking a jog around Druid Hill Park on a cold but sunny morning, I stumbled upon a group of guys rapping to a beat. After realizing that I was trying to kill myself by running around that huge park, I decided to stop and interview them.

YoTrakz is a mobile recording studio (literally, the audio equipment is on a Jeep) that captures live hip hop artists from the streets of Baltimore. And these talented men happened to be laying tracks outside in my neighborhood on what I felt to be a VERY cold morning. Talk about commitment! Check out this clip of Hip Hop artist Hot Spitta giving us an introduction on what YoTrakz is about. Or you could check out their blog to learn more and to hear more hot music.


  1. Excellent work Black Coffee. I like my stories like I take my coffee, straight and strong!

  2. I was reading through everyone's blog posts tonight. You posted on Diversity that you would unicycle for hours for food and poetry?

    Well if you're down, lets unicycle through D.C. sometime. Gimme a call and I'll grab my unicycle and meet you at the metro!

  3. I wasn't kidding, I actually ride a unicycle. Maybe that's why I have balls of steel?