Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The New Mondawmin Mall

I have been going to Mondawmin Mall since I was a kid. Living in the West Baltimore area makes this place one of the hot spots to go to. Although it's not the fanciest of malls, it has a couple of restaurants and enough urban retail stores to entertain the crowd young adults that populate its halls on the weekdays. The mall recently received renovations to give it a new (and way more attractive) look, which I believe has to do with attracting a more diverse group of customers than the ones stated before. Check out their website to see an inside view of the new Mondawmin.


  1. Something you might want to check out. General Growth Properties, the developer of downtown Columbia, which I've been blogging about, owns malls across the country, including Mondawmin Mall. The company is teetering on the edge of bankruptcy while it works to develop malls and other projects. Here's the url for the article.,0,5470224.story

  2. Also GGP is currently looking for a buyer for the Harborplace in Baltimore