Thursday, February 5, 2009

Baltimore...No Sugar No Sweet

Finally...I am here. My name is Janae Griffin and I am a Towson University student, born and raised in Baltimore City, Maryland. I found a lot of perspectives on Baltimore interesting when I first arrived on Towson's, for example:

"Baltimore?...You mean Bamma-more?"
" you watch the Wire? Is Baltimore like that?"
"Baltimore is dirty!"
"I love the Inner Harbor! Have you been?"

While most of these things were true, a lot of them were hurtful. I mean my city isn't all that but it does have some uh...CHARACTER to it! I know you may hear about the crime and controversy of Charm City on blogs such as Baltimore Crime or you may get all the latest up to date news on blogs such as InsideCharmCity, but I am here to show you around the city MY WAY.

The purpose of this blog is simply to reveal the REAL Baltimore. I am going to comment on some of the current events in the city, true, but my main goal is to post live photos daily of the things I see around here and some of the events you all may be missing out on. Some of it will be artsy, and some of it will just be real. So if you catch a photo of a couple of dudes hanging on the corner doing nothing, well, THATS BALTIMORE!

This is your Insider Baltimore blog-STRAIGHT.


  1. Have you ever read Rafael Alvarez? He was a longtime columnist for the Baltimore Sun and wrote about his neighborhood (Highlandtown) beautifully. You have your own neighborhood and probably your own style, too, but some of his work might inspire you. Come by the office and I'll lend you a book.

  2. Girl, I took two classes on B-more last semester... it was an experience both in the history of the city through readings and films, but also trying to quell my fellow classmates crazy ideas.