Thursday, February 5, 2009

Introducing Michael Phelps....AGAIN

Photo Credit: The Baltimore Sun/AP Photo taken Feb 4, 2009

Are you as tired of hearing about this dude as I am?

According to today's Baltimore Sun report Michael Phelps had his first interview yesterday with The Sun since that picture of him conversing with Mary Jane surfaced. According to Phelps, he "clearly made a mistake" and this past week has been both embarrassing and uncomfortable for him.

Hence this nice little photo that the Sun snapped of him.

First of all, for anyone who has been to Baltimore and its surrounding areas, or for anyone who hasn't, please know that this place is the new Amsterdam. People are smoking refa all day, everyday...GET OVER IT! (yes, the black kids on Poplar Grove and the white kids in Rodgers Forge are probably doing it together).

So, from what I read, this YOUNG, IMMATURE man is now considering retiring because of this "crisis"? Give me a break!

According to the Sun, Phelps said, "Yeah, there are still goals that I have in the pool, 100 percent. But I'm not going to let anything stand in my way. If I decide to walk away, I'll decide to walk away on my own terms. If it's now, if it's four years, who knows. But it is something I need to think about and decide what I want to do."

Look Phelps, if you ever want to have some fun, (you know maybe have a drink with out getting another DUI like you did in 2004) give me a call! I won't share any photos!

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  1. Lol, I hate his cockiness. Good he got busted, he should have known better. He should have known that his pretty crazy behavior was going to catch up. Remember when he poured the liquid on a girls shirt, although she wasnt asking for it. She didnt file a complaint cause she realized who did that to her. Now he just lost a lot of respect and money... cry me a river.

    Someone must have paid a lot, cause it took a while for the photo to be released, lol. Dont be all high and mighty... I would have sold those pics in a min!