Wednesday, June 16, 2010

9th Annual African American Heritage Festival

It's another hot summer Baltimore! Time for the FREE festivities to begin. What better way to start than with the African American Heritage Festival (AAHF)?

The 9th Annual African American Heritage Festival is a 3-day event that brings together a diverse group of people to experience the history, culture, heritage, and arts of African Americans. The festival includes divine dining from multiple food vendors, local and mainstream talent showcasing their skills, and countless pavilions with educators set up to serve the community information about issues such as Health, Wellness, and Finances.

According to the AAHF website, the festival "attracts 500,000 people from Baltimore, Washington, and other neighboring states."

Check out the flyer above for more details! Hope to see you there!

*A little tip for all those wondering: The AAHF is a TOTALLY different event from the AFRAM, as so many of us old schoolers used to call it. I, too, thought that the title "AFRAM" had just been retired. Howeverm the acronym is used for other festivals such as the one being held in Norfolk, VA this summer.

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