Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I assume that everyone reading this blog has taken a ride on the MTA at least ONCE. I can admit to the fact that I was confined to Marc Troy and Anthony (inside joke Baltimoreans!) up until 17 years of age when I got my driver's liscence and first car. I was riding high after that: no running after busses who leave you because they are running late, no running late for appointments because the bus can't be found, no sitting next to wierdos who talk your ear off or have a foul smel (you catch my drift).

My reaction after a guy challenges my space on the #3 Inner Harbor. Waaayyy too close for comfort!

Then my ride ended when I got hired by the City of Baltimore and started working Downtown. It was back to the bus for me (I mean, really, would YOU park in Downtown Baltimore?!) Back to broken windows and no air conditioning on 90 degree days, back to half hour waits for busses that are supposed to run every ten minutes.

Do you have an MTA horror story? Share them hear, I'd love to hear them. I have a few of my own, starting with one illustrated by the first picture :long exaggerated SIGH:. Enjoy!


  1. So I have a list...

    Fights on the bus, and me getting kicked off cause I was just sitting in the area it happened, having to walk all the way from Calverton to my house.

    A women peeing on the bus, and leaving us with the puddle evidence. We had to tell everyone don't sit there cause someone peed.

    The crazy rambling racist who had made everyone stay away from him. He had an empty seat next to him on a crowded bus, and one unsuspecting passenger had the honor to sit next to him.

    The usual no air, windows don't open, or wet dog smell after it rains. The bus breaking down and having to catch another one.

    Light rail drama: having to catch 3 light rails to Hunt Valley cause the first two were behind schedule and kicked everyone off (total time nearly two hours of waiting.)

    Yeah you're lucky if you have a car. Not I says the cat!

  2. no MTA horrors...but PLENTY of METRO horros (DMV public transit). Ugh, I've witnessed fights, people getting cussed out, almost got hit in the head with a shoe by a crackhead, etc. etc. etc.

    TERRIBLE! MTA buses are so much nicer than PG/DC/VA buses. I would RATHER ride the MTA...then again I haven't had to ride them in the hood yet (dun dun dunnnnn). LOL!

    Miss you Janae!!

  3. @DANJSG1FAN woooowwwww those are bad! Geez, a walk from Calverton to your crib ain't no joke!!

    @iwrite2live is DC transit that bad?! I didn't know! I only took the train when I was visiting before and it didn't seem that bad. Miss you more mama!

  4. yea i seen sum1 get stabbed on the bus, horrible